About Us

Over the years, VANCNC has continuously researched and developed threaded cutting tools (metric, British, American), oil pipe threaded cutting tools, CNC indexable cutting tools, bearing cutting tools and non-standard forming tools, forming a large-scale professional production capacity, and has gone through the development direction of threaded cutting tools as the main development direction, and supporting the production of CNC cutting tools and other forming tools with unique growth path, and has gradually been recognized by the market. The product quality is stable and has reached the international advanced level.

Products include male, British and American indexable thread turning inserts, indexable thread milling inserts, integral carbide thread milling inserts, and major suppliers of oil pipe thread inserts. It is a supplier with complete varieties and specifications of threaded cutting tools. It is a rare threaded tool manufacturer that can produce tool rods and fittings completely independently. VANCNC pursues a business model featuring providing professional and all-round technical services, which is welcomed by both old and new customers.

Under the harsh market competition, we will exert our self-improvement and enterprising spirit, carry forward the work style of "concentrating on and polishing carefully", take the international excellent threaded cutting tools as the goal, constantly develop new products, improve product quality and create high-quality brand of cemented carbide threaded cutting tools to meet the needs of domestic and foreign users. We believe that through our efforts, we will be able to become your good partner.